Diamond Materials

Diamond Materials for Quantum Application

23. September 2014: The DFG research group FOR 1493 “Diamond Materials and Quantum Applications” goes into its second funding period. FOR1493 is a national research consortium funded by the Deutsche Forsch-ungsgemeinschaft.

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Single-spin stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy

Mastering nanoscopic quantum systems promises applications in quantum information processing (QIP) and nanoscale metrology. However, the spatial density of individually addressable systems is not only limited by their size, but rather by the scale needed for control and readout. This affects upscaling of QIP devices and limits nanoscale sensors to be scanning probe devices with serial data acquisition. Here, we simultaneously apply parallel nanoscale microscopy and spin resonance methods on ensembles of optically addressable spins. The latter have been applied as qubits and nanoscale quantum sensors on the single level. In contrast, our method allows parallel individual addressing inside ensembles of qubits/sensors with nanometer distances. This promises a vast speedup for sensing applications compared with scanning probe methods.

Single-spin stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy
PNAS, September 5, 2014, Matthias Pfender,, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1404907111