Diamond Materials

Diamond Materials for Quantum Application

23. September 2014: The DFG research group FOR 1493 “Diamond Materials and Quantum Applications” goes into its second funding period. FOR1493 is a national research consortium funded by the Deutsche Forsch-ungsgemeinschaft.

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Professor Carlos Meriles is a Humboldt Fellow at the institute

Prof. Carlos Meriles is visiting the institute as a Humboldt fellow for the upcomming year. Carlos is a specialist in spin physics with major contributions in the field of NMR and single spin physics. He graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and spent his post doc with Alex Pines in UC Berkeley. Currently Carlos is a professor of physics at City College New York – CUNY. Recently he worked on nuclear induced Faraday rotation, optical spin pumping in GaAs and NV center spin physics. Carlos will spend one year at the institute funded by the Humboldt foundation working on field sensing with diamond spin systems.