Diamond Materials

Diamond Materials for Quantum Application

23. September 2014: The DFG research group FOR 1493 “Diamond Materials and Quantum Applications” goes into its second funding period. FOR1493 is a national research consortium funded by the Deutsche Forsch-ungsgemeinschaft.

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J. Wrachtrup and R. Schoelkopf receive the Max Planck Research Award

The Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation honour pioneering work in the field of quantum nanoscience

 Very big on small things: Jörg Wrachtrup (left) and Robert J. Schoelkopf are being honoured with the Max Planck Research Award 2014 for their contributions to quantum nanoscience.  © David Ausserhofer/private

July 17, 2014: Very special rules apply in the nanoworld – the laws of quantum physics. And because Robert J. Schoelkopf and Jörg Wrachtrup have been exploiting them in a very ingenious way, for example to make headway with quantum information technology, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft have decided to honour them this year with the Max Planck Research Award. Robert Schoelkopf researches and teaches at Yale University; he developed qubits from superconducting electronic circuits. Qubits could form the smallest computing units of a quantum computer, which might in future solve various tasks significantly faster than conventional computers. Jörg Wrachtrup is professor at the University of Stuttgart and Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research; with his research on single electrons and nuclear spins in diamonds, he opens up, for example, not only new possibilities in electronics, but also for extremely accurate biological investigations. Each award winner will receive 750,000 euros which may be used to fund research chosen by the award winner as well as collaborative efforts with German or foreign scientists.

The award presentation will take place on November 27, 2014 in Berlin. (PH)

Quelle: MPI