3. Physikalisches Institut

Building upon the research activities from Ph.D., Master, Bachelor students and Post-doctoral researchers, we have pioneered the engineering of spin defects in solids for various bio-medical material- and nano-science applications in the quantum and classical worlds.

Research Topics

Quantum Information Processing

Heterogeneous spin systems for quantum computation seek to combine the strengths of their constituents: electron spins for fast, versatile and high-fidelity readout and control, and nuclear spins operating as well-shielded quantum bits for storage and processing information. more...

Quantum Sensing

Precision sensing is key to studies ranging from single molecule spectroscopy to dark matter studies. Using quantum states of physical systems/devices for sensing can outperform all known classical routes for sensing and imaging. more...

Magneto Optics

We develop techniques whereby quantum information can be exchanged in a controlled fashion between light fields and material systems. more...

Nanoparticle Photonics

Optically functionalized nanoparticles are an ideal structure for a variety of research fields ranging from biophotonics to quantum optics. The research in the group concentrates on multifunctional photonic nanoparticles. Among those particles are diamond nanocrystals and carbon dots. more...


This image shows Jörg Wrachtrup

Jörg Wrachtrup

Prof. Dr.

Head of Department

[Photo: David Ausserhofer]

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