The rectangular site borders Allmandring to the north, Campus-Mitte-Süd to the south, student accommodation “Bauhäusle” to the west, and a car park and the IZFM institute to the east.

Construction begins on the new Center for Applied Quantum Technology (ZAQuant)

March 1, 2018 / Stephan Hirschmann

ZAQuant will unite scientists from the University of Stuttgart with industrial parties to raise quantum technological research in Germany to a whole new level, with a focus on practical applications.
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February 2018 - Showcase - University of Stuttgart

ZAQuant is a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary research center for quantum sensor research. The center is intended for the development of nanophotonic quantum sensors that will help achieve pioneering advancements in sensitivity, specificity and energy efficiency in the field of sensor development. Construction of the ZAQuant in Allmandring on the University of Stuttgart’s Vaihingen campus began in January 2018. The approximately 8.500 square-meter building will go into operation in 2020....

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