"SPINNING" - Diamond spin-photon-based quantum computer

March 9, 2022

The joint project “SPINNING” (diamond spin-photon-based quantum computer) aims to develop the demonstrator of a quantum processor “made in Germany” as well as the peripherals needed to connect the processor to classical computer systems.
[Picture: © James Thew – stock.adobe.com]

“SPINNING” uses the entire economic and scientific know-how of six universities, including our 3rd Physical Institute, two non-profit research institutions, five industrial companies (SMEs and spin-offs), and fourteen associated partners (ten of them are companies). All participants are highly active in the field of pre-competitive hardware, firmware, and software development.

The project partners of “SPINNING” are working on a design that features unprecedented connectivity and flexible configurations. In addition, the quantum processor is able to operate with low cooling requirements and thus may be implemented in close proximity to classical computer systems.

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