IQST-PhD retreat poster award

June 14, 2022

Timo Steidl has been awarded the IQST-PhD retreat poster award.

The 2022 IQST-PhD retreat gathered more than 50 students and researchers in Reisensburg (June 8-9, 2022). The event was intended for intense scientific discussions, including workshops on scientific communication and dissemination.

In the evening poster session Timo Steidl presented his poster on „Shallow implantation of color centers in silicon carbide with high-coherence spin-optical properties“. The poster summarizes the latest work of our team in the deterministic creation of VSi centres in 4H-SiC. Thanks to detailed spin-optical spectroscopic investigations, the poster stands as a guideline for the roadmap ahead on building interconnected quantum computing clusters.

The jury, consisting of a representative from industry (Pascal Wittich) and a former editor from Nature Physics (Andreas Trabesinger), awarded the poster prize to Timo Steidl for his clear presentation and top-level scientific results.

We congratulate Timo Steidl for his success.

Related references:
Fabrication and nanophotonic waveguide integration of silicon carbide colour centres with preserved spin-optical coherence; Charles Babin, Rainer Stöhr, Naoya Morioka, Tobias Linkewitz, Timo Steidl, Raphael Wörnle, Di Liu, Erik Hesselmeier, Vadim Vorobyov, Andrej Denisenko, Mario Hentschel, Christian Gobert, Patrick Berwian, Georgy V. Astakhov, Wolfgang Knolle, Sridhar Majety, Pranta Saha, Marina Radulaski, Nguyen Tien Son, Jawad Ul-Hassan, Florian Kaiser & Jörg Wrachtrup; Nature Materials 21, 67-73 (2022)

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