The area of Stuttgart is the most innovative region in Germany

December 11, 2023

Günther Oettinger commented a few months ago: Stuttgart is “sleepy, sluggish and fed up.” To refute this, the mayor of Stuttgart, Dr. Frank Nopper invited him to a tour through Stuttgart.

One stop on this tour was the Center for Applied Quantum Technology (ZAQuant) at the University of Stuttgart. Professor Jörg Wrachtrup warmly welcomed the gentlemen and showed them our “unique building for research in the world”. 

On this visit, companies that have been founded out of the ZAQuant and now operating internationally, could show, how they transfer these research results in useable technical applications.

This cutting-edge region can be confirmed by the Innovation Atlas 2023, too: If you are looking for the most innovative region in the entire country, you will find it in the area of Stuttgart. The capital of Baden-Württemberg and neighboring districts lead the Innovation Atlas ranking in 2023.


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